Let’s save Sasha!

A small sharing can lead to a big change

My name is Sasha, I’m 11 years old.
I love playing soccer and my favorite thing is playing with my friends. But my life is now on hold and my strongest wish is… just to live!
A year ago, I was diagnosed with cancer.
And everything stopped.
All of the sudden, the ball I loved playing, my friends, it was all changed into a world of pain, hospitalizations, and one big fear.
I fear death.
Sometimes the treatments and tests hurt so much that I think of just giving up.
I told you how much I love playing soccer. When I play, I love doing it the best I can and then… Win! Otherwise- why play? right?
This is how I like playing.
So I know how to play, but now I’m in a hospital bed and suffering so much.
I am now in the “real game field”, the one for life, and I HAVE to win!
Not soccer this time, but cancer.
Must beat it!!

The “Lehosheet Yad” foundation has set a goal to assist hundreds of families whose children are battling cancer. We provide families mental and financial support and any other need within the scope of the foundation. Help us save lives.
Join us in our mission to make our children smile.


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