Saving Natalia

A small sharing can lead to a big change
‘All I wanted was to run and play, and now all I want is to live…
Please do not leave me! 
‘Hello, I’m Natalia, and I’m 7 years old. Six months ago all of a sudden my whole life changed. All I wanted was to play with my friends, now all I want is to stay alive. Yes …
One morning I went to school and my leg hurt. Mom took me to the doctor, and the doctor was very worried. He told Mom he thought there was something serious. We went to the hospital and there they took me for a test and then they called Dad and Mom to the room and told them I had cancer. Mom started crying, she tried to cry quietly but I saw it and from that moment I started to get scared. But now I’m much more scared 
We flew to receive treatment in Israel, where they can save me. But the treatment costs so much money, Dad and Mom sold our house so we could have money for the treatment, but it still wasn’t enough. Only me and mom were allowed to enter the country for treatment and my dad and family were left behind without us.
The treatments are so painful for me, my leg with has bandages because they had a painful surgery, mom says the treatments save me but I feel like they are killing me, everything is burning in my veins and I vomit a lot, I am so scared because I realize it might defeat me.
I do not understand, how can it be that I am so small and in so much pain. I’m just a girl, I want to go to school! I don’t want to be afraid to die all the time, mom is so sad and so am I.
But a week ago everything changed again. We were told we can’t continue with the treatments because we ran out of money! This treatment is my only chance, my last chance. Please, I want to see my dad and siblings again 
My heart aches from the treatments but it hurts even more from longing for my dad and my siblings.
I just want to live!! I’m so tired of the hospital and all the painful injections. But all I want is just to be able to get the treatment …
I’m in the hospital now and I’m suffering so much. But even when I suffer I realize that these treatments are my only chance to live 
Please, you won’t leave me alone, right? 


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