Saving Elhanan

A small sharing can lead to a big change

“I have just a few weeks to save my child, longer than that – would simply be too late!”

Week 40 of my pregnancy, routine checks, the doctor recognizes something unusual in the ultrasound. Something is not OK.
Everything at home is ready for the coming of our new baby, clothing, diapers, baby bed…
“Something is not ok”???
I’m days from labor! Why are big dark clouds gathering over me?
Moments after birth, as they lay my sweet baby on me, I noticed, indeed, something is wrong!
My baby was turning blue. Medical staff rushed him to the ICU.
I am laying there on my bed after giving birth, confused and in pain and the only thing I want is to see my baby,
not understanding how it all turned upside down. From a good, healthy pregnancy – to this.

The doctor comes back to the room and tells us that our baby has an extremely rare and complex heart form and that he will need many procedures to bring him to a healthy state. However, the most imminent threat is that the veins leading blood to his lungs are too thin and not allowing his lungs to absorb enough oxygen. A lethal condition.
The doctor said that they will try and send blood through those veins intravenously to help them expand but at the same time prepared us for the possibility that the procedure will not succeed.

And there we were, my husband and I, sitting at the hospital and biting our nails in suspense, sick-worried for our baby who was just born. People are calling non-stop to congratulate us, not knowing that we are in a terrifying race to save our baby’s life.

10 days old, emergency surgery.
The doctor comes out and tells us that they managed to insert a small tube that will help the blood flow and hopefully expand a bit, this buys us some time, a few months until his first, major, and much more complex operation.

Today Elhanan is 7 months old, the results of a test conducted a few days ago (there were so many of them…) indicated that if Elhanan is not being operated on soon – he may not survive!

We are a few weeks between life and death, our research found that there is only one doctor who is experienced in performing such complicated procedures on such a small body with ultra-thin veins. We must fly Elhanan to this doctor before it’s too late.
However, travel and medical expenses are way beyond our means, and we have no way to fund them ourselves.

This is why we are pleading you, to PLEASE help us save the life of little Elhanan, our sweetheart, our beloved.

Waiting, on sleepless nights, I sit there with him, he lays his little head on me, all peaceful, he has no idea of the imminent danger lurking.
The children love him, he is a happy baby, I simply cannot bear the thought of losing him.

PLEASE HELP US SAVE HIM. My husband and I call it “the clock of death”, and it’s ticking…

Please open your heart, donate, and invite others to join, your kindness will help us reach our goal faster and give Elhanan the chance of life he deserves. THANK YOU”


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