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A small sharing can lead to a big change
“My baby has just celebrated her first birthday, and she’s already in the hospital, treated with chemotherapy! “
Look at my little daughter. She’s like a little pink and sweet doll. With those eyes. My only girl, who is my whole world. She is one year and two months old. At this age, everything is exciting about those babies, and all you want is to just pamper and kiss them.
Like any new mom, the first time she had a fever I panicked. Your babies once felt a little unwell too, right? You know, they are having a fever, and you think it’s the teeth… 
Indeed, everyone laughed at me and reassured me that it would pass.
But it did not pass.
She felt unwell for a month, and the doctors each time said different things. My heart kept telling me that something was wrong, but I did not really dare to think about it. Then came the day, after another test, when my little Victoria was already crying and suffering, and the doctor told us that they had finally found out what the problem was. I felt relieved for a moment.
“Your baby has cancer.”
I felt like the floor was falling under my feet. The world has broken in two and I was falling down feeling that I would never be able to stand again. It’s like a pit of fear opening in your stomach, and it will never close again, until you are told that it was a mistake, that the things are actually okay. But it was is true. It was cancer 
The doctors told us to go to Israel, because in our poor country they just didn’t have what was necessary for Victoria’s treatment. We checked the things out and found a hospital specializing in children’s cancer. Since then, we are seeing our baby girl turning from a happy girl who used to love people and outside walks, to a baby who cries out in pain and is afraid of anyone approaching her. She cries all the time and can barely calm down. The heart crashes when you see your baby losing faith in the world and starting to believe that everything is just pain 
I refuse to give up on my girl. As long as I’m here, I’ll fight for her until I have no more strength left.
And my war now is to beg for her life, to beg for help from people I do not know, because we have no money to save my little baby. The treatments cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we have nothing. I cannot even think that I can lose my girl because of money. It’s just inconceivable. Victoria begs to live. I see how she is fighting! Her innocent smile and her little hands hugging me give me the strength to do everything for her. She’s so small, and I can not protect her. If she did not need me so much, I would already collapse 
I beg you not to let me lose my girl. She has barely started living, I cannot let this disease take her away from me. She is my only girl. It’s not fair for a mother to lose her child because she does not have enough money 
I beg you! For you it is money, for me it is her life. Please, do not ignore us 


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