Reaching out to Lipaz

A small sharing can lead to a big change

“Six months ago, our world turned upside-down. I found myself talking to my daughter, my sweet little child, only 6 years old, and having to tell her “Sweetheart, there is something in your stomach that’s called Cancer, and the doctors need to take it out because it’s dangerous”.
I’m all shaking as I try to explain to my little girl who is just about to start the 1st grade, that there is no other choice, and that she has to go through this operation, as I am starting to digest that this will only be the beginning of a very long and tedious battle, a nightmare with no clear end in sight.

My Lipaz has “Williams Cancer”, a type of recurring cancer.

My dear Lipaz, instead of going to school today like all the other girls, you are stuck here, lonely in bed and my heart lays before you, smashed to pieces as you wake up in the middle of the night crying from pain. You tell me that “you had enough”, you ask me “why does this happen to me?” and I have no answer. I have nothing I can say other than “I don’t know”. I’m devastated.

I am here with her, day and night, for over six months now, I cannot go to work and provide as I am here with her, treatment after treatment, through the terrible operation and rehabilitation. I caress her gently and do my best to calm her down, but she is in so much pain, and the loneliness is making it even worse.  How does one explain to such a little girl that her life is in imminent danger?
And we as a family – we are collapsing, my Lipaz has cancer of the type which no one can tell when it will end, and it kills me to know I cannot just fix it for her.

I can’t watch my little daughter diminishing in front of my very eyes, my sweet Lipaz, I see you suffering so much and I just want to shout from the top of my lungs, the pain you can only whisper – “I can’t…”.
Why you? my love, why so much pain and suffering?? I cannot bear the thought of losing you like this, please hold on my love, PLEASE, I promise we’ll do everything possible so we could win this together.

I am alone at this, our home is slowly diminishing, my daughter is fighting cancer and nothing else matters right now.

We cannot beat this alone and I am asking you to please be with us in our hour of need, we desperately need your help.”

CLARIFICATION: The “Lehosheet Yad” foundation has set a goal to assist hundreds of families whose children are battling cancer. Among the areas of support provided to families by the foundation are the funding of treatments and medicine, rides to the hospital and clinic visits, rehabilitation sessions funding, mental support (psychological), household financial support, and any other need within the scope of the foundation.


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