2020 Dream vacation in Orlando

“Lehosheet Yad” Foundation number: 580457232
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Every child has a dream

The “Lehosheet Yad” Foundation, together with “Joy for kids” of Miami, FL organizes dream vacations for children with cancer.
The children’s on-going battle with the disease, the pain, and “endless” treatments draw the entire family down to a very stressful and difficult mental state. We, at the “Lehosheet Yad” Foundation, are strong believers in the connection between a healthy soul and a healthy body.

Unfortunately, for some of the children taking part in our vacations, it will also be their last.
We give this one, last, unforgettable chance for joy to terminally ill children who will go with a parent and accompanying medical staff to Orlando for an amazing week of fun!

7 full days of joy, hope and love, after which the children’s doctors unanimously declare a drastic, unbelievable improvement in medical tests results.

Enjoy the picture gallery and join us on this effort. Reach out to the children with us and we can all take part in their saving.

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By Wire transfer: beneficiary: “Lehosheet Yad Foundation – for children with cancer”, bank: Hapoalim (12), Branch: 781, account: 606098. For receipts of wire transfers click here.

Donating by cheque: to the order of “Lehosheet Yad Foundation”, Rimon Center, P.O. Box 80, Elad.
Address: “Lehosheet Yad” Foundation, Rimon Center, 10 Shimon Ben Shatah, P.O. Box 80, Elad.
We are here for any questions, Sunday-Friday, 24 hours a day, worldwide number: +972-3-9090882.

Email: info@l-yad.org.

Foundation number: 580457232

*In the event of funds remaining after one year from a child’s last treatment and the funds are not needed by the child, the remaining balance will be reallocated to other children with cancer and CP within the scope of the foundation.



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